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Langagervej 2
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Phone: +45 9940 9400
Fax: +45 9815 5531

Opening hours today and one week ahead

Access to the library

Access outside hours of personal service requires that your AAUcard is activated for this branch.
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The branch at Langagervej 2 is the main branch of Aalborg University Library, and is where the library's collections of printed material are located.

Workspace facilities

The main library at Langagervej has large tables for group work, sofa sets for relaxation and immersion, a quiet reading room and study booths. Power plugs are available in most places, and there are a number of white boards at your disposal.

It facilities

Other facilities

  • Self-service machines for check-out and return of material
  • A book drop-box outside the main entrance for book return.
  • Vending machines for coffee, soda and sweets.
  • Spiral coil binding machine
  • Lockers
  • Electric kettle and fridge

Use of the library's class- and meeting rooms

If our classroom facilities are not booked, or in use, you are free to use them for group work. It is possible to book a room in advance, but you can only make one booking at a time and only one week in advane. If you wish to book a room, please call (9940 9400) or send an email to the library at

course attendance at langagervej?

A large number of the university's professional mater's programmes use the library's classroom facilities. If you are going to attend classes at Langagervej 2, please remember to activate your AAU Card for access to the building, and to use the WIFI AAU-1x. Apart from this, you are free to use the building facilities like anyone else.

Collections at Langagervej

The collections at Langagervej primarily contain printed books, journals, reference works and standards, as well as smaller collections of newspapers, final theses from AAU, musical scores, CDs and DVDs.

The collections cover the majority of academic subjects within the fields of social sciences, humanities, technology, natural science, medicine and health sciences.

Most of the material is available for loan, with the exception of reference works, final theses, newspapers, and material from the Study Collection.


There is free parking at Langagervej 2.

Use of electronic resources by walk-in users

If you are not a student or employee of Aalborg University there are certain restrictions on the resources the library makes available. The paramount rule is that you are only allowed to use the library’s resources for personal use. This means you may print, read, and download as you please as long as you do so for your own enjoyment. You may also email links to a particular resource to yourself or others, but not the actual content (e.g.PDF files).

administration and staff functions

The library's administration, management, and various staff functions are located at Langagervej 2.


Below is an overview of the classrooms and facilities at the library branch at Langagervej 2, Aalborg.

Use of classrooms is free of charge except for a minor cleaning payment.

*Number of computers indicate computers connected to the classroom projector etc.

Classroom No. of persons PCs Projector Whiteboard Other
Mozart 90 1 * Yes Yes Sofa set
Darwin 60 1 * Yes Yes -
Finsen 42 1 * Yes Yes -
Einstein 30 1 * Yes Yes -
Shakespeare 22 1 * Yes Yes -
Holberg 15 1 * Yes Yes -
Hitchcock 8 - Yes Yes Video/DVD + screen/speakers
Blixen 6 4 No No Large screen substitutes projector
SWIM 22 11 Yes Yes SWIM open area teaching facilities

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