Pay fees online

Payment of fees

You can pay fees online via your profile.

You can pay with any of the following cards:

We use DIBS (Dansk Internet Betalingssystem). The payment uses a secure connection and is certified by PBS.
The transaction fee for using your credit card is covered by Aalborg University Library (AUB). The library will never get your credit card details.

How does it work?

Any unpaid fees will appear in your profile. 

  • Click on the credit card next to the text "Pay fees" to begin the payment process. It is not possible to split the fee in multiple payments when paying online.
  • Go though the process to get to DIBS where the payment is made.
  • If your email address is registered in Auboline, you will get a receipt by e-mail. You can see your personal details on the page with your account summary. These data can be corrected using the menu "My account" and then "Change e-mail address".
  • You payment is visible right after the end of the transaction.

Blocked library cards will be activated once the fee has been paid.

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