Mendeley is a system for handling scientific refereces, compiling bibliographies, and for collaborating with others on papers, articles etc. Aalborg University Library provedes access to Mendeley Institutional Edition to all AAU students and staff.

Mendeley lets you organise your scientific sources - both references and full text documents, and makes compilation of bibliographies and collaboration with others smooth and easy.You can set up you individual Mendeley account free of charge at

Mendeley is avilable in several editions including a free edition. However, the free edition does have certain limitations which is why the library recommends that you upgrade your current Mendeley account to AAU's Institutional Edition. 

An upgrade will give you 5.0 GB personal space, room for 1000 groups, with max. 25 persons per group, and 20 GB shared space. Read more about this at Mendeley's page regarding the difference between the free version and the Institutional Edition.



Mendeley on different platforms

You can access Mendeley in various ways:

  • Via and browser plug-in
  • Via Mendeley Desktop that can be downloaded for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Integration in MS Word using plug-in
  • App for mobile phone and tablet

In order to upgrade to Mendeley Institutional Edition, you must join our group at Mendeley and confirm using your AAU e-mail address.

Go to Aalborg University at Mendeley

How to get Mendeley Institutional Edition

To get started, you must create a Mendeley account. If you have not done so yet, you must do so at In order to use Mendeley Institutional Edition, you must have an active AAU e-mail account. Apart from that, your Mendeley account does not necessarily have to be affiliated with your AAU e-mail address.

Log in to Mendeley's web site before you continue.


Locate the group "Aalborg Universitet" either by:

  • using this direct link to the Aalborg University group at Mendeley.
  • or ...
  • search for Aalborg Universitet via the Groups-tab.

    or ...
  • search for Aalborg Universitet using the search box. Remember to select Groups from the drop-down menu.
  • click on the name of the group to access the page. 


Request memebership by clicking the button 'Join this group'.


Enter your AAU e-mail address e.g. and click 'Confirm'. An e-mail will be sent to your account.


Mendeley will send a confirmation e-mail. The link in the confirmation e-mail is directed to the AAU e-mail address that you entered earlier on.


After a couple of minutes, you will receive an e-mail where you must confirm your affiliation with Aalborg University. It will be sent to your AAU e-mail address that you entered earlier on.


You are now upgraded to the Institutional Edition, and may enjoy more space, more groups, more collaboration opportunities etc.


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