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New Elsevier agreement 2021-2024

In the final months of 2020, Danish universities and university libraries joined forces in fierce negotiations with Elsevier regarding a new agreement for 2021-2024. The National Licensing Consortium at the Royal Library, as well as the university directors of all Danish universities conducted the negotiations.

The new Elsevier agreement is definitely a step in the right direction in terms of fair agreements between universities and publishers. Elsevier is a giant on the publishing market, and in the coming months similar negotiations will be conducted with other major players. Here are some of the agreement’s key points:

Access to materials

  • There is full and unchanged reading access to the Elsevier Freedom Collection for contract partners covered by the agreement.
  • Permanent access to 75% of the Elsevier Freedom Collection. Previously it was 100%. The institutions must select the most valuable 75%, even after the end of the contract. 

Open Access

  • Instant and free access to several Danish research publications published by Elsevier, where a Danish researcher is a "corresponding author"
  • Publication in a vast number of Elsevier’s hybrid journals without additional payment
  • Approx 600 Gold Open Access journals hosted by Elsevier and a list of approximately 170 licensed titles are not negotiated as part of the contract.
  • The agreement covers articles submitted from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2024.


  • The price of the agreement is fixed for the entire period and is based on the price in 2020.
  • Institution-neutral price increase on databases (e.g. Scopus) and 1.12% on reference tools from Elsevier

Open Access

The agreement is a significant improvement of our possibilities for Open Access publication. As a "corresponding author", researchers can now publish Open Access free of charge in a number of Elsevier's hybrid journals that previously were subject to embargo and/or payment (APC). However, APC payment for publication in Elsevier's gold journals remains.

Thus, there will be immediate Open Access to the publisher’s version of many Danish publications at Elsevier (CC-BY license), thereby improving the possibility to meet Open Access requirements from funding providers, as well as the national goals for Open Access.

Gold Open Access journals are not included in the Open Access agreement. Publication fees (APC) for journals on this list remain in order to publish articles as Open Access.


Journals covered by the agreement
Gold Open Access Journals
The Elsevier contract (certain pages of the contract have been removed due to GDPR considerations).



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