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If you are an employee at Aalborg University, it is quite easy to be registered as borrower at the library.

What you need to do depends on which library services you want to use.

  • Electronic resources via the campus network
    If you are connected to one of the wireless campus networks, you will not (with a few exceptions) be asked to fill in username and password.
  • Electronic resources via the AAU Access Control
    Use your official AAU email address with the corresponding password. If you do not have an official AAU email address, you will need to talk the secretary at your department. If you access the electronic resources from a computer off campus, you will pass through the Access Control (link) automatically if you go via the library’s website.
  • Physical collections
    All new employees at Aalborg University receive a personal ID card called an AAU-card. Your AAU-card is also your library card. However, you must activate your card for library use by filling in the online registration form, or by calling the library at +45 9940 9400.

Staff services

The library has a number of services tailored to AAU staff. If you have questions or queries, please contact the library staff, send us an email, or use the chat.

Have a look at "Services to AAU researchers and staff", to get a full view of what the library has to offer.

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