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Kroghstræde 3, Aalborg East

AAU-Card as access card

Your AAU-card is automatically activated for access to the library's branches at Kroghsstræde 3, Strandvejen, Nordkraft and Niels Jernes Vej 12 in Aalborg.

Access to the library during and outside opening hours

Aalborg University Library's main branch is located at Kroghstræde 3, 9220 Aalborg East. The majority of the library's staff works here. Apart from library services and daily operations, the main branch handles a number of staff functions regarding research registration and analysis, copyright, and WorkZone secretariat. Furthermore, the library hosts a number of Master's Programme activities during the weekends.


There is free parking at Kroghstræde 3.

Workspace facilities

The main branch has lots of workspace for students - both project groups and individuals. There are power plugs nearby, and whiteboards that you are free to use.

Collections at Kroghstræde 3

The branch contains the library's main collections of books and journals, as well as reference- and study collections. There is free access to the stacks.

IT facilities

  • Free WiFi
  • Library PCs for information searching and other work
  • Printers and photocopying machines
  • Scanner

Other facilities

  • Self-service machine for loan and return
  • Student kitchen with fridge, cooker and microwave
  • Possibility to sit outside
  • Machine for spiral biding of projects etc.

Use of electronic resources by walk-in users

If you are neither a student nor an employee of Aalborg University there are certain restrictions regarding the library's electronic collections. The paramount rule is that you are allowed to use the library’s resources for personal use only! This means that you may print, read, and download as you please, as long as you do so for your own enjoyment. You may also email links to a particular resource to yourself or others, but not the actual content (e.g. PDF files).


The university library has a number of classrooms that - among other activities - are used by the University's master's programmes (continuing education):

Mozart: (Krogh. 1, 1.007) 58 persons
Darwin: (Krogh. 3, 4.130) 58 persons
Lindgren: (Krogh. 3, 4.128) 82 persons
Shakespeare: (Krogh. 3., 4.129) 23 persons
Einstein: (Krogh. 3, 4.131) 18 persons
Finsen: (Krogh. 3, 5.130) 58 persons

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