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The library supports collaboration between AAU and the business community

Aalborg University has extensive collaboration with the surrounding world - e.g. between researchers/students and the business community, company network meetings, or rent out of laboratories and equipment.

The university library supports the collaborative efforts with sparring and assistance regarding information searching. We can qualify your work with access to the latest research, market surveys, key figures, statistics, standards, and patents.

Our information specialists offer one-on-one library sessions with all users affiliated with AAU. Such sessions are useful to your company or partner in terms of establishing an overview of accessible information, and how to search through it. We are happy to assist you in retrieving the specific materials.


Possibilities for companies and organizations

Companies can create a company library card and get access to the library's physical collections.

If you or your company is collaborating with Aalborg University, you can set up an appointment for assistance regarding information searching - which collections to access, how to find them, and how to search?


Possibilities for students

Are you and your project group collaborating with a company? If so, you may need to know more about the market, the company - or the competition.

The library's information specialists are ready to set up an appointment and assist you in assessing your possibilities, and in how to search for information,


Possibilities for academic and administrative staff

All academic and administrative staff that is involved in collaboration between AAU and the business community can set up an appointment for a library session regarding information searching. You may need a general view of research within a particular scientific field, or need a list of the top 50 textile wholesalers in Europe.

Whatever you are looking for, feel free to contact the library for an appointment.

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