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Remote access

Remote access

Remote access is the connecting link between you and the publisher/supplier that allows you to move on to online resources - e.g. articles - from your browser.

All links on the library's homepage operate via remote access if possible.

How do I log on to Remote access?

If remote access is required to access an online resource, the system will ask you to log on via remote access using your email and password. You cannot log on the remote access service in advance.

What is my remote access login?

Your login is your or email address (researchers at Department of Clinical Medicine) and matching password. Login and password matches the information you use for loggin on to AAU webmail.

You do not have to contact the library to get remote access. If you have trouble loggin in, please contact AAU IT Services.

Why am i not asked to log on?

Database hosts and publishers check your network connection as you try to access their site. If your are connected to the university's network, you will be granted access to those part of the site that AAU subscribes to - without loggin on.

do i need remote access if i use vpn?

Yes you do! You still have to use remote access when required.

Which networks give me directe access to online resources?

The cabled network and the wireless network AAU-1x will give you direct access to online resources. Other networks such as AAU-1-DAY, eduroam and conference networks require remote access.

Who can use remote access - and for what?

All students and staff at AAU can use remote access.

Read conditions for use here

How do i know if a link leads to remote access?

Links that pass through remote access always begin with
If your link cannot pass through remote access, please try our remote access link converter.

Remote access works on mobile phones and tablets - in some cases, though, you will get voucher access via the publisher's app.

Read on about mobile phones and tablets

If you work off the campus network and receive a direct link to an online resource (without remote access), you will most likely get an error message stating access denied.

Tool to convert link to remote access

You cannot log in to the AAU Access Control directly, but will need to use the link on our website or search engine.

Your login is your or e-mail-address and matching PIN code. It is the same information that you use for webmail.
You do not need to set up a specific library account to use remote access.

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