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Terms for using remote access

The remote authentication service provides remote access to electronic services that have so far only been accessible from within the network of the university and/or the university library.

This service is provided by Aalborg University Library (AUB) to employees and students at Aalborg University. This group of users is defined by licensing agreements between AUB and the service providers.

Access to and usage of the service is strictly personal and may only be used for research or educational purposes related to Aalborg University. Commercial use, distribution of username/password, licensed material or systematic storage of data from the licensed services is strictly forbidden.

When signing in to the system users agree to comply with the terms of use and thereby acknowledge to have read them. If the terms cannot be acknowledged the service cannot be used. When using this service remote network traffic is routed through the university network, thus the declaration of "Responsible use of computer systems at Aalborg University (Regler for ansvarlig edb-brug ved Aalborg Universitet)" is in force.

All access through the remote authentication service is logged. The log files are used for statistical purposes related to the university library. Personal information about usage recorded in the log files will only be used when there is suspicion of misuse of the service or if a user does not comply with the terms of use. In such cases, AUB may without warning disable certain users from accessing the system.


There are various categories of associate staff who - like guest and visiting staff at AAU - are not covered by our license agreements. In this overview of Access to Information Resources - user groups and access rights for associate staff and guests at AAU, you can read about the specifics for each user group and what options you have, if you are not covered by our license agreements. 

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