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Articles constitute an important source of scientific information, as the latest research results are generally published in articles before they appear in reports or books. Likewise, the scope of articles is usually more specific and limited than the scope of a book.

You can search for articles in many different places. Our sources compliment each other - there is no single source containing all articles!

  • Databases and journals
    You will find a number of subject specific article databases on the library's list of databases, as well as some really large databases that contain different types of material within a broad range of scientific fields. We recommend that you use the databases for article searches, as they usually provide you with the best search facilities.
  • Article search in Primo
    Article search in the library's search engine Primo will provide you with results from a number of our scientific databases - but not all! The search engine does not support complex searches, and is best suited for searches where the title is known in advance.
  • Search engines
    There are specialized search engines that search the Internet and databases for scientific articles in a manner similar to Google. Examples of this are Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search. We recommend Google Scholar, as it can be set up for full text access through the university library and export search results to RefWorks directly. Read on.
  • Institutional repositories
    Almost all universities store their research in digital institutional repositories. If you are looking for an article and know to which university the author(s) belongs, you may find the article in their institutional repository. However, in most cases the article can be retrieved through Google Scholar.
    The institutional repository of Aalborg University is called Aalborg University's Research Database (VBN). A compiled list of all Danish research in available in the Danish Research Database.


Request articles from other libraries

If Aalborg University Library does not have the article you are looking for, we will do our best to retrieve it from another library. Please fill in the online interlibrary loan form, and we will let you know by e-mail when the article is ready to pick up.

Online interlibrary loan forms

Article databases

Aalborg University Liberary gives access to a vast number of databases. However, not all of them are article databases.

Move on directly to the article databases below, where you can limit according to subject, to get just the right databases in your field of study.

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