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Aalborg University Library has a vast collection of both regular paper books and e-books – and we can get hold of even more books if necessary. Here is a guide to how you search for books at the library.

Search for books in the Primo database

All our books are registered in the library's database Primo. You can search for books using title, author etc.

If you are interested in online books only, look for "Online access" in the left side menu in Primo (facets).

Once you have located a book in Primo, you should notice the call number and then go to the right shelf to pick it up. The entire collection is arranged according to the Universal Decimal Classification System (UDC).

Read more about how to find the books on the shelves here.

E-books on e-book readers, tablets or mobile phone

The question of how to download an e-book in Primo to your mobile device depends on the type of access the library has been granted by the publisher. Some publishers create an app that you can use on your tablet, others set up a mobile site where you can read the book via your browser.
You will find the relevant instructions under the "Mobile and tablet" tab in the book's Primo record.

In some cases you can transfer the e-book to your e-book reader: Whether or not the available format fits your reader depends entirely on the publisher. As such, you have to check out which publisher or host that offer access to the book, and then proceed to their website to see if you can download the book to your reader.

what if I cannot find the book I'm looking for?

If the book you are looking for is missing from our collections, we will try to procure it from another library. You can read more about interlibrary loan here.

Please feel free to contact the staff if you cannot find what your are looking for.

The library's books are arranged according to the Universal Decimal Classification System (UDC). Read on about the arrangements of the physical collection, UDC, call-numbers etc.


How to find books on the shelves

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