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Reference works

Reference works

Reference works are encyclopeadias and dictionaries, i.e. fact-based works with relatively short entries dealing with one or more subjects. Usually they are arranged alphabetically or by theme.

Electronic reference works

Typically, reference works concern a specific subject or discipline. The subject is covered extensively by short entries for the purpose of providing the reader with an overview of the field. The term reference work covers encyclopedias, bibliographies, introductions, readers, handbooks, dictionaries etc. 


Dictionaries come in handy in many different situations: Spelling, pronunciation, meaning, translation, etymology, idioms, dialects, technical terms etc.

The university library purchases dicionaries on a regular basis within various languages and disciplines. Like all other types of material, dictionaries are indexed in the Primo database. Try a search for e.g. "medical dictionary" and see what is available.

Online dictionaries

Also Primo contains online dictionaries that can be accessed from any location, as long as you have an AAU e-mail and password.

Remember to log in via the library's homepage - if you do not, you will not be granted access!

All reference works and dictionaries - printed and electronic - are indexed and searchable in the library's search engine Primo.

Use the right terms when you search

Use search terms such as reference work, encyclopeadia, dictionary, handbook or companion when you search for this type of material, and try combining it with your subject: E.g. dictionary AND feminism.


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Take a look at this selection of online reference works. The list can be sorted by subject, if necessary.


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