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Music and scores

The university library has a large collection of musicological literature including CDs, DVDs and sheet music. The collection covers both classical and rhythmical music.

The loan period for sheet music, CDs and DVDs is one month.

Music collections

The library's collection of sheet music is located in the basement at the main library at Langagervej 2, and consist of approx. 10.000 units covering all instruments and genres.

The CD collection contains approx. 4.000 titles within the genres of classical music, jazz and folk music, with an emphasis on recent compositions. We aim to supplement - not match - the CD collections of the public library.

A minor collection of music DVD/BlueRay is available at Langagervej 2 in Aalborg.

Search for music

All material pertaining to the library's music collections is indexed in the Primo database, where you can limit your search to sheet music or audio-visual material if necessary.

Copyright - music

Aalborg University has not signed any agreement regarding legal use of music. However according to Danish Copyright Law, you are permitted to use music for teaching purposes. If you want to use music publically, you must enter an agreement with Koda. Read more here:

What am I permitted to do with music and audio?

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