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The following conditions apply when registering for the library’s department delivery service:

Requested material will be delivered to the department. The borrower picks up the material at the department, and returns it either at the department or at one of the library’s branches. Fees, if any, must be paid directly to the library. Weekly department delivery days can be viewed at the library’s homepage.

If you wish to use this service, you must consent to that the material is issued to you personally before delivery. The material will remain your personal responsibility from the moment it is issued to you and until it is registered as returned in the library system upon arrival at AUB. Should the material be lost in transit, you will be held personally responsible.

As borrower, you are personally responsible for returning material on time, also in connection with periods of absence or vacation. Unpaid fees result in a great deal of administrative work for the library and may lead to exclusion from the department delivery service.

Beyond this, please read the library’s loan regulations.

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