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Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan

If you are in need of material that is not in the library's collections, we will do our best to procure it from another library via interlibrary loan. The service is free of charge for AAU students and staff. If the material is easily obtained, it will take less than a week.  However, if it is not easily obtained (e.g. out on loan), it may take a couple of weeks, or months, before we kan get hold of it for you.

Please remember to check the library's holdings in Primo before you order via interlibrary loan. It is much quicker to get it from us, if it is in our collections. Should it be a simple case of the material being out on loan, and you are unable to wait for it to be returned, please contact the staff, who will look into the possibilites of procuring the material before your deadline.


Order interlibrary loans

View and renew your interlibrary loans

You may view your interlibrary loans in your profile. If you need to renew your interlibrary loans, please contact the interlibrary loan staff. Check the box for contact info.

Terms and conditions

  • You must be registered as user, and pick-up the material during manned opening hours.
  • Interlibrary loan is for research, teaching or other academic purposes only. Material for recreational/entertainment purposes can not be procured through interlibrary loan.

NOTICE: Please remember to return the material on time. We depend on the good will of other libraries.

Interlibrary loan or suggest purchase?

Interlibrary loan

We procure material from other libraries as either original or copy.

  • Turnaround time: Approx. one week
  • Types of material: Books, articles from books, journal articles
  • Delivery: Physical or digital copy depending on the type of material

Suggest library purchase

If the library does not own a particular item in which you are interested, please recommend it to the library for purchase. Your recommendation will be considered by a subject specialist and purchased if relevant.

  • Turnaround time: From two weeks to two months depending on availability and type of material
  • Types of material: Books, journals, databases
  • Delivery: The material will be purchased and made available in the collection.


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