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DMPonline - data management planning tool

DMPonline - data management planning tool

If you are working with data management planning, please notice than the tool DMPonline is available, and that we offer support on both system and preparation of the actual plan.

When do I write a data management plan?

You should always consider the benefits of drawing up a data management plan whether or not it is requiered. The earlier you begin the better. In some cases, it is the research funder - e.g. the EU framework programme Horizon 2020 - who requires that you draw up a data management plan. Likewise, a research funder may request that your plan is based on a specific template.

Is a data management plan the same as the reporting of personal data?

No! A data management plan does not replace a report via the university's registration system.

What does a data management plan contain?

A data management plan is based on a template with a number of predefined questions. Typically, the questions concern which type of data you are collecting or creating, how they are documented and stored, licence issues, publication and/or sharing of data etc.


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    Create and fill out a plan

    Once you have logged in, click on the button "Create plan" on the frontpage.

    Step one: Select a research funder. If your reseach funder is not on the list, please click on "Not applicable / not listed". In such cases, the system will select a standard template developed by the English organization Digital Curation Centre.

    Step two: Then you must select your organization ("Aalborg Universitet / Aalborg University").

    Step three: If  you selected a research funder at step one, you will now be able to select a template from the research funder in question. For example, if you selected "European Commission" in step one, you will get a Horizon 2020-template.

    Step four: Finally, you can select which organizations you would like to answer the questions you may have.

    Click on "Create plan" and confirm your request.

    Fill in further details and click on "Save".

    The number of content tabs in your plan depends on the plan template.

    Fill in the various content elements of the plan. You can save as you go along, and return to the plan later for editing etc.

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    Fetch and/or print a plan

    You can fetch the individual plan via the tab "Export".

    Here you can choose between various formats - e.g. Word or PDF.

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    Login and password

    You can log in to DMPonline i two different ways:

    1. With individual username and password
    2. With WAYF (Where Are You From) using your AAU e-mail login and password

    We recommend the second option. When you log in via WAYF for the first time, you will be asked to submit certain pieces of information for your user profile. This will only occur once.

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    New user

    There are two ways for new users to sign in:

    1. Manual set-up
    2. Semi-automatic set-up using login via WAYF (Where Are You From).

    We recommend method 2 where you use your AAU login and password. Please notice that this method does not allow for use of the "save password"-function, as this option is for users with manual set-up only! You should always move on via the link "Or sign in with our institutional credentials".

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    Sharing and collaborating on plans

    You can share your data management plan by adding the e-mail address of someone else. Click on the "Share"-tab to locate the function.

    You can state one of three roles:

    • Read only: The person can see, but not edit, the plan in question
    • Editor: The person can edit the plan in question
    • Co-owner: The person can edit the plan, its details, and grant access to others

    If you want to share your plan with someone outside DMPonline - e.g. via e-mail - please read the information under the heading "Fetch and/or print a plan".


Please notice that according to the service terms, certain memebers of staff, who handles operations and service (outside AAU), will have access to your data management plan. Their limited access is for the purpose of operating and maintaining the system. At present, confidential information should not be entered into DMPonline.