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Mendeley - licence cancelled!

Mendeley licence cancelled as of 31 December 2019!

Until now, Aalborg University Library has subscribed to the two reference management tools Mendeley Institutional Edition and New Refworks. The University Library has offered both tools free of charge to all students and staff at Aalborg University, and followed up with instruction and support.

We have now decided to terminate our Mendeley IE licence by the end of 2019 and give priority to New Refworks. The termination is due to economic cutbacks and a consequent need to save expenses and prioritise services and staff resources.

In our assessment of both tools, we have come to the conclusion that New Refworks is the better tool, which fully meets our expectations and demands for a modern reference management tool. Amongst other things, New Refworks has better transparency in terms of reference import, better support functions, group facility options, and it works well with Google Docs.

How will it affect you as a Mendeley IE user?

  • Your existing Mendeley account will not disappear when the Mendeley IE license expires.
    Instead, you will automatically be transferred to Mendeley Free, which means less space and fewer groups with less members. Read more about Mendeley Free
    In your Web-Mendeley account, you can see how much space you've used so far.
  • If your existing Mendeley account exceeds the terms of Mendeley Free, your content will freeze and some features may no longer be available. You will have to free some account space (get within the limits of Mendeley Free) before you can access your account. Should such matters occur, Mendeley will notify you via email. You can also choose to buy more space yourself - https://www.mendeley.com/settings/upgrade/
  • Another option is to transfer your content to New RefWorks to which the library continues to offer its support. Read more about New Refworks.

If you want to switch to New Reworks

Before you switch from Mendeley to New RefWorks, it is important that you complete all documents that you are currently working on. Alternatively, you will have to reinsert all references in Word with New RefWorks once you have made the switch.

We have made a video that briefly shows you how to transfer your references from Mendeley to New RefWorks.

Once you have transferred your references to New RefWorks, we recommend that you check your references to see that they have all been transferred correctly.

If you need our assistance with this, or have any questions regarding the above, we are ready to help you. Please contact our New Refworks support or Mendeley support at: refworks@aub.aau.dk or mendeley@aub.aau.dk.

Courses, instruction and support

From 1 September 2019, all courses in reference management will concern New Refworks exclusively. We will of course honour any arrangement regarding Mendeley that has already been scheduled. We continue to provide instruction and support in the use of both reference tools until the end of 2019.

From 2020, all courses, instruction and support regarding reference management will focus on New Refworks. However, regardless of whatever reference management tool you prefer, you are always welcome to contact us. We will do our best to help you on your way.

Questions regarding the two tools should be directed to refworks@aub.aau.dk or mendeley@aub.aau.dk. Any other questions should be directed to area manager Thomas Vibjerg Hansen, tvh@aub.aau.dk.

In order to upgrade to Mendeley Institutional Edition, you must join our group at Mendeley and confirm using your AAU e-mail address.

Go to Aalborg University at Mendeley

Questions regarding Mendeley

If you have questions regarding Mendeley, or are in need of how-to-get-started assistance or technical issues, please contact the library's Mendeley support at mendeley@aub.aau.dk.


Mendeley on different platforms

You can access Mendeley in various ways:

Via Mendeley.com and browser plug-in
Via Mendeley Desktop that can be downloaded for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
Integration in MS Word using plug-in
App for mobile phone and tablet


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