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Students, researchers and teachers all need to keep track of a vast number of references.

Aalborg University subscribes to RefWorks – an online reference management tool that will help you store your references in one place. When writing papers and articles, you can insert citations and bibliographies in your document. Refworks also gives you an opportunity to share your references with others.

RefWorks has introduced a new version of the programme called New Refworks. The university library's Refworks team will gladly assist you in transferring you references, attachments and self-created output styles from the old to the new version of of RefWorks.

AAU alumni

Even when you are no longer enrolled/employed at AAU, you can continue to use Refworks as long as the university has a subscription to the programme. You can set up an alumni account to Legacy Refworks if you follow theses alumni account instructions.

questions regarding refworks

If yo have any questions or queries regarding RefWorks, feel free to contact the library's RefWork support at

Or you can use Refworks own chat service, which can be accessed directly from the programme if you click on the question mark ? in the upper right corner and select Contact Support.

New refworks

The first time you access New RefWorks you have to create an account using your AAU email. When you have created your account bookmark the link

Sign in to New RefWorkLink to short Youtube video introductions

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RefWorks status

Everything should be alright

Legacy RefWorks - new users should use New RefWorks!

In some cases, you will be asked to enter a group code to log in from a location off the campus network – the code is: rwuaalborg

login to legacy refworks

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