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Patent assistance and networks

There are several different options for getting advice and engage in networks regarding patents, trademarks, and designs. Below you will find a list of the options that Aalborg University offers, as well as a number of other advisory bodies and networks.

Aalborg University


The Technology and Transfer Office at Aalborg University focuses on transferring new technologies to the business community.  If you have any questions about the University’s inventions/technologies, and how you acquire the right to exploit them commercially, you are welcome to contact the Technology Transfer Office at AAU.

AAU Innovation and Research Support

AAU Innovation and Research Support coordinates cooperation activities in order to make the University's research and development activities visible and usable to both business community and public institutions.

AAU Innovation Copenhagen

Businesses whether it being private, public, or voluntary have a numerous opportunities for collaborating with expert researchers or talented students. Read more about Innovation CPH.

The AAU Incubator – Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University

The AAU Incubator provides an opportunity for testing and developing business ideas at Aalborg University. The AAU Incubator is managed by SEA (Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University) and consists of different offers to students, researchers, and graduates.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office covers the customer's needs and identifies the customer’s options for taking action. As Danish IP Office, which issues the rights on patents, designs and trademarks, they work to ensure good conditions for Danish companies within the IP-field both nationally and internationally. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office is a part of the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

Empower your idea IPR: “Empower your idea”

The concept Empowering Your Idea IPR is developed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office in collaboration with the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, and the website is directly addressed to teachers and students who are engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Other sources of inspiration, networking, and advice

FabLab Denmark-Fabrication Laboratory

FabLab Denmark - Fabrication Laboratory is a creative, high-tech prototype-workshop, where you can turn ideas and projects into physical products.

Inventors consultancy

Inventors Consultancy is for private individuals. They will assist you if you have a good idea for an invention that can be protected and which, under licence, can be exploited commercially by a company.



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