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How to link to material in curriculum lists

Use linking if possible - don't upload!

If you link to articles, journals, or books via Aalborg University Library, you will be led through the university's Access Control with AAU e-mail and password. As such, you are sure that:

  • The user can open the link and gain access both on and off campus
  • You act in accordance with copyright law
  • The university library can monitor use of material, thereby gaining valuable knowledge regarding subscriptions

Even though the library has bought access to an e-book or an e-article, the publisher still owns the right to copying and distribution of the text. Thus, if you share the full text on platforms such as Dropbox, Moodle, Researchgate, or similar platforms, you are running the risk of initiating an illegal chain of distribution of copyright protected material.

The possibilites of linking, referring, or uploading texts depends on the type of material. Below there are guides to what you can and cannot do.

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