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Aalborg University Library offers patent search services to AAU students and staff.

Assistance with searching in patent-, design-, and trademark databases

Book session with a search specialist - including a search report. The focus will be on screening for whether an idea/product is already protected by rights, validity in relation to whether rights have expired, in which countries the rights apply etc., as well as for the novelty of the idea or product. send an email to ch@aub.aau.dk and attach this preliminary form with your product details.

  •     Duration: one-hour session with a search specialist (also online) based on the contents of the preliminary form.
  •     Where: It may take place at Aalborg University Library in Aalborg (Langagervej 2, 9220 Aalborg East), at the library’s Esbjerg branch (Niels Bohrs Vej 2, 6700 Esbjerg), or it can take place online.
  •     Price: Free of charge
  •     Target group: AAU staff and students.


The search specialist may take part in workshops, or other types of training, which is related to patents, trademarks, and design - e.g. in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship. The focus will be on search assistance in relevant databases.

  •     Duration: Depends on what type of workshop we are to take part in.
  •     Price: Free of charge
  •     Target group: For AAU staff

Patent assistance and networks

Relevant links regarding protection and commercialization of inventions, trademarks, and designs, as well as inspiration and networks regarding innovation and entrepreneurship.
Read more about Patent assistance and networks

Search patents online

The library gives access to a number of patent databases, where you can search for existing patents. Follow the link below, select "content types" then "patents", and move on to the databases.

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