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Two-day Phd course

Academic Information Searching, Publishing and Management (AISPM)

This two-day course gives you skills and knowledge within a number of essential areas that will be useful during your PhD years. The objective of the course is to facilitate your entry into the world of academic research, and therefore it is recommended that you join the course at the earliest possible stage of your PhD.

The course will cover these essential areas:

  • Searching, evaluating, and organising information from scientific databases for your thesis
  • Research evaluation: What does research evaluation entail, and how is research measured?
  • Publication strategy: How to increase publications’ visibility and searchability in databases through well-informed choices and tools?
  • Research visibility, networking, and profiling
  • Research data management, research ethics, and copyright for researchers

The course is a “toolbox for research”-course with a mix of presentations and hands-on exercises where you focus on your own PhD-project, or work in small groups with a shared focus.

If you would like to read a more detailed description, or sign up for the course, please see PhD Moodle or contact Research Support at the University Library.

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