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systematic searching requires specialized knowledge

A good and systematic search uncovers and identifies relevant and accessible scientific literature.Therefore, information searching is one of the basic skills required by any researcher. However, this is not always an easy task - thorough information searching is time consuming and requires specialized knowledge.

The university library's Researcher Support Team is ready to assist individual researchers and research units at Aalborg University with information searching in relation to your research project. We can also help you decide how and where to publish your research.

We are ready to assist you with

  • Clarifying the information needs related to your research project
  • Select the right methods and techniques for your information search
  • Select search terms and databases relevant to your field of research
  • Set up your search in the right databases
  • Document your search in a separate document
  • Use a programme to organize your search results
  • Clarify which publication channels that are suitable for your research

Below you can book a meeting with an information specialist, or you can contact us at, if you want to know more.

We often get question about the following issues:

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    Citation search: I would like to find the most recent reearch in my field

    Get assistance for locating recent and related research via citations in the databases Scopus, Web of Science, or Google Scholar.

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    How to select databases - which are the most relevant in my field of reseach?

    We can assist you in finding the right databases, and show you how to search, save searches, and set up alerts etc.

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    Medical search: What is the most important thing to do?

    We can assist you with systematic searching in medical databases, including use of thesaurus and building up a search protocol.

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    Publication strategy: Where should I publish my research to get noticed?

    We can advise you regarding choice of journal/publisher, research accessibility, BFI, Impact Factor, Open Access etc.

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    Reference Management Systems: How do I get started?

    We offer assistance and instruction in connection with Mendeley and RefWorks. Create your own personal online library and insert automatic in-text-citations in Word when you write. Get to know your options!

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    Research application: How do I uncover a research field?

    Are you working on a research application and need to uncover a research field? We can help you ensure the quality of your search. 

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    Reviews: Which method should I choose?

    Are you about to draw up a literature review, a systematic review, or state-of-the art? We can assist you in selecting the right method to cross the finish line.

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    Structured search for literature: Where do I begin?

    We offer to draw up a search strategy that takes a systematic approach, and ensures a thorough coverage of handpicked databases.

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    Unsuccessful search: What do I do?

    Has your information search turned out unsuccessful? Are you experiencing problems with database searching? We can help you ensure the quality of your search.

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