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Executive master's programmes

Executive master's programme activities

Aalborg University's executive master's programmes are held at different locations in Denmark. Many of them use the classroom facilities at Aalborg University Library in Aalborg. Others take place on campus Copenhagen or at various conference centres.

All master's programmes at AAU can book the library's classroom facilities.

Seminars at Aalborg University Library, Aalborg

The library's two coordinators work in close collaboration with the master's programmes on handling the individual seminar arrangements.

The coordinator assist with e.g. classroom bookings at Langagervej 2, catering for the seminars, as well as calling in student assistants to handle various practical tasks.


The executive master's programmes can order food for the seminars through the library's coordinators.

The prices for seminar food are:

  • Lunch: 8,00 DKK
  • Cake/fruit: 24, 00 DKK
  • Dinner: 100,00 DKK

(Prices per 1 August 2016)

The above prices apply until Summer 2019
Prices as of August 2019 are:

  • Lunch: 90,00 DKK
  • Cake/fruit. 26,00 DKK
  • Dinner: 110,00 DKK

Food orders must be sent to the library's coordinator before noon Thursday in the week prior to the seminar.
The catering service is provided by Orkideen (Min. 10 people per order).

Coffee/tea costs 65,00 DKK per student and 65,00 DKK per teacher for a full semester.
Coffee/tea for single arrangements are paid per pot.

The library has vending machines for sweets and sodas.


Below is an overview of classrooms at the library branch at Langagervej 2, Aalborg.

  • Mozart, 90 seats, 1 PC and projector, whiteboards, and sofa set
  • Darwin, 72 seats, 1 PC and projector, whiteboards
  • Lindgren, 72 seats, 1 PC and projector, whiteboards
  • Einstein, 30 seats, 1 PC and projector, whiteboards
  • Shakespeare, 22 seats, 1 PC and projector, whiteboards
  • Holberg, 15 seats, 1 PC and projector, whiteboard
  • Hitchcock, 8 seats, whiteboard
  • Blixen, 6 seats, big screen
  • Curie, 8 seats, big screen, whiteboard
  • Eco, 6 seats, big screen, whiteboard
  • Bohr, 6 seats, projector, whiteboard
  • Ejersbo, 14 seats, projector, video conference equipment, whiteboard

ground floor

Ground floor map


Basement map

Student assistants

The library hires student assistants to help with the practical things that need to be done in the course of the seminars. Student assistants help with e.g.

  •     Assist with minor technical problems
  •     Serve, and clean up after breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner in library’s dining hall
  •     See to that the classrooms are ready for use
  •     Communicate any issues or demands to the coordinators
  •     Other odd jobs
  •     There will be coffee/tea and water in the classrooms in connection with exams

Each study programme pays for student assistants, coffee/tea, and food.

The student assistant takes note of how many hours he or she has spent in connection with the master’s seminars, and how many hours have been spent on library related work during the shift.

Student hours are in accordance with the current tariff at AAU.

Master's programme coordinators

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