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19 November 2019 is Go Live for our new library system!

As library user, you will get:

  • A new user interface with both altered and brand new search facilities.
  • One entrance to all library resources from five universities in Denmark.

Important dates:

7 October 2019: We will shut down our service for ordering books from other libraries – i.e. inter library loan

11 October 2019: Shutdown of book acquisitions - including suggestions for purchase.

14 November 2019 at 3 p.m.: We will shut down all services for borrowing, requesting, renewing and returning books. You will, however, be able to search for materials and access our electronic resources. We will set up an emergency borrow/return box at all branches - check for details on site.

19 November 2019: Launch of our new library system!
NOTICE! We will be linking to the old version of Primo for a month - until 19 December - to give users time to move saved searches and favourites to the new version. This will NOT take place automatically!

More dates and information here!

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    The library offer its services to all students enrolled in bachelor-, master's-, and continuing education programmes. We assist with information retrieval, guidance and courses, and you can use the library as a place for studying and group work.

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    The library is ready to assist AAU staff and PhD students with access to material, sparring and assistance for information searching, publishing, profiling, and teaching.

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    Businesses and others

    This is a public library open to all. We issue library cards to both private individuals and companies, and offer access to collections, branches, patent searching etc.

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