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We look forward to partial reopening, but access to the library requires testing!

From Wednesday 21 April, the following requirements apply to access the library’s branches. The requirements apply to ALL students and staff, whether you need to pick up, drop off, print/copy/scan, or have permission to stay on campus:

For AAU students and staff:

  • You can access the library's branches in Aalborg (Niels Jernes Vej excepted), Esbjerg and Copenhagen with your AAUCard.
  • It is possible for anyone to pick up, return, print, copy, scan, and make spiral coil binding
  • You may use the study workspace facilities, if you have permission from your department/study programme to stay on the AAU Campus
  • You must be able to present a negative corona test no more than 72 hours old from the time of testing, or document that your are exempted - read more at 
  • Campus Service and G4S do random checks 24/7

All other visitors:

  • The library's branches in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen are not open for public access
  • It is however possible to borrow books etc. Request the material in Primo. Please contact the individual branch for information regarding pick-up and return
  • If necessary, we can let you into the branch, but it requires a negative Corona test or documentation that you are exempted

See what applies to each branch below and REMEMBER that you can always call, write, chat and book an online library session

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    The library offer its services to all students enrolled in bachelor-, master's-, and continuing education programmes. We assist with information retrieval, guidance and courses, and you can use the library as a place for studying and group work.

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    The library is ready to assist AAU staff and PhD students with access to material, sparring and assistance for information searching, publishing, profiling, and teaching.

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    Businesses and others

    Businesses and others

    This is a public library open to all. We issue library cards to both private individuals and companies, and offer access to collections, branches, patent searching etc.

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