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Reference management and RefWorks

A reference management tool can be a great help when it comes to handling and organizing your references. It can serve as your personal library, ensure that your references are correct, and produce a correct bibliography.

There are different reference management tools. Aalborg University has a subscription to RefWorks.

Introduction to RefWorks


Introduction to RefWorks

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Introduction to RefWorks

RefWorks helps you keep track of the references you compile in connection with your research. With a few clicks, you can insert correct references that comply with your choice of reference style. Your bibliography is compiled automatically for your publications.

You can use RefWorks on your own, or when collaborating with others. RefWorks is compatible with both Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Before you get started with RefWorks, you must create your own RefWorks account. Go to: Start using RefWorks.

Remember to use your AAU-email for your RefWorks account!

Recommended RefWorks workflow

To make the most of RefWorks, we recommend that you find a way to incorporate RefWorks in your research process.

These introductory videos may give you a sense of how your can work with RefWorks.

Also, we recommend that you sign up for one of our RefWorks courses where you get an introduction to the tool and how to use it.

Questions about RefWorks

If you have questions or problems with RefWorks, please contact the library's RefWorks support: refworks@aub.aau.dk

Alternatively, you can contact RefWorks own support directly using the help function in your RefWorks account.

AAU Alumni

You can continue to use RefWorks as long a Aalborg University has a subscription. Also when your employment expires. However, we do recommend that you change your official email to a private email - preferably before your AAU-username expires. In that way, you can still receive emails from RefWorks.


There are alternatives to RefWorks that you can use. However, the library does not offer support and courses. In our experience most of these programmes work fine and comply with our systems - e.g. Mendeley, Zotero, EndNote, and EndNote Web.

RefWorks courses

Check our course calendar for upcoming RefWorks courses.

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